Vision & Mission

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Our Goal

Improve productivity, production, product quality and market access of coconut products.

These will be achieved through innovative research, extension services, entrepreneurial empowerment, supportive policies and regulations, and the effective utilization of information with adequate, competent, motivated and continuously learning staff and stakeholders who work in effective and efficient partnerships.


Entrepreneurial, prosperous, and healthy communities; a dynamic, innovative and sustainable coconut industry.


KIK as the major stakeholder and custodian of the Coconut Industry is guided by six core values;

1. Integrity,
2. Stewardship,
3. Service,
4. Respect,
5. Teamwork,
6. Innovation and environmentally accountable in the discharge of our mandate.

We encourage our stockholders and stakeholders to embrace these core values in the conduct of our respective roles in developing the coconut industry in Papua New Guinea.

Industry Goal

Improve livelihood of families and Enterprises engaged in the coconut industry.