KIK reaches out to farmers in Gulf

Many people associate coconut with the tedious task of copra making but forget that it is more than that and blesses us with shade, juice and palms and fronds for uses other than copra. Within this context KIK or Kokonas Indastri Koporesen has been working in Gulf Province and has set up a nursery at Terapo and collecting seeds for the gene bank in Ihu and encouraging small scale processing in Iokea. In that context KIK offered to run the Coconut Down stream processing Training (CDSP) for our coconut farmers in Gulf Province, this year. The first training was conducted at Terapo this week.

KIK officers training on producing Livestock using coconut kernel

This hands-on training is essential for coconut farmers in the region to understand the value of the coconut palms. Many coconut farmers correlate coconuts (mature dry coconut) to copra which defeats the hidden income potentials of the crop. The scheduled CDSP training encompassed – production of virgin coconut oil by wet process; simple soap making from scratch/scented soaps; livestock feed (pig/poultry); infused scented body lotions; oil for use; and food safety and sanitation.

There were more than 50 coconut farmers that the Kokonas Indastri Koporesen has been working with in the area targeted for training. The training was at Terapo Catholic Station where there were classroom facilities including the nursery. It is intended to expand theses activities for coconut farmers back to East Kerema and Central Kerema LLG and to Ihu, Baimuru and Kikori.

The coconut down streaming processing training by the KIK team was attended by more than 60 farmers, including two Malalua High School teachers and our colleagues from Gulf Division of Primary Industry. These comments from Malalaua High School teachers were very encouraging in that for this type of training to enlighten our people with the coconut – “Tree of Life”.

The training was done to show our coconut farmers why they were planting coconut seedlings from the Terapo Coconut Nursery. Many participants were indeed surprised at the number of products that coconut can produce.

Source: Post Courier


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