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Export Revenue

On average, the industry contributes over K126.5 million per year to the PNG economy through the export revenue it generates. The KIK estimates that over 70% of this is usually transmitted directly to smallholder copra producers.

East New Britain 38.7%
Madang 25%
AROB 22.1%
West New Britain 8.5%
Milne Bay 3.2%
New Ireland 2.6%

Production by Province

The progress bar depicts cocoa production by province since 2006. Copra Production has fluctuated between 60,000 tonnes and 146, 500 tonnes in the past ten years.

Off the 13 provinces that are listed in the progress bar below, only 6 provinces have actively produced copra in the last five years. These provinces in order of the volume of production share are; East New Britain (38.7%), Madang (25%), AROB (22,1%), West New Britain (8.5%), Milne Bay (3,2%) and New Ireland (2.6%).

Total Production

The copra production trend in PNG in the past 10 years is depicted by the Line Graph (Figure 2). The graph shows that production continues to fluctuate. Production peaked in 2011 and declined sharply after that reaching its lowest level in 2013 but has recovered in the past two years to stabilise at over 80,000 tonnes.

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