(Figure 1: Participants from 4 districts of Milne Bay, 6 farmers from Central Province that attended the White Copra Training and KIK Staff)

Recently in Milne Bay Province, a first ever training on Edible White Copra was conducted by
MBPGs Division of Agriculture and Livestock in partnership with the Kokonas Indastri Koperesen.
The week long training was held at the Bubuleta Livestock and Agriculture Station outside of Alotau
town. Participants were from the four (4) districts of Milne Bay Province and also included (6)
farmers from neighboring Magarida, Amazon Bay in Central Province.
KIK officers Mr. Harold Joseph and Mr. James Maora with additional support from their Central
Province colleague Mr. Steven Pasu facilitated on how to produce edible white copra.
During the training, Facilitating KIK officer, Mr. Harold Joseph introduced the theory on the
production of Edible White Copra, and ended with practical hands-on experience. During the
practical production sessions which farmers are already acquainted with, all knowledge relating the
production of Edible White Copra was applied. This was brand new information to farmers as
pioneers of the edible white copra training.
The production process began with the husking of ten (10) to thirteen (13) month old dry coconuts,
cracking them to remove embryos and water, drying them out in the sun for about two (2) hours,
then loading them into the dryer bed to dry further above heat piping heated by fire overnight. The
next day dried copra was unloaded from the dryer, scooped, sorted out to identify only good white
copra, bagged and then weighed.
During this time, relevant apparatus necessary to use during the production of edible white copra
were also introduced to the farmers and they were Moisture Meter, Infrared Heat temperature
thermometer and Simple Oven Thermometer
Spokesperson on behalf of participating farmers, Mr. Ede’ede representing Esa’ala expresse
gratitude to KIK and the MBPG Division of Agriculture and Livestock and said what they had learnt
was new and they were ready to go back and experiment with their edible white copra production.
Whilst Edible White Copra is currently produced in East New Britain and exported through KIKs
marketing network, this was the first training for Milne Bay Province including participating
Magarida farmers in Central Province.
The training was officially launched by the District Administrator of the Alotau District, Mr. Lindsay
Alesana and officially closed by the Principal Advisor for MBPG DAL, Mr. Jonathan Kapoila.

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