Coconut Replanting Program

KIK over the years have been rolling out Coconut Replanting Programs in Coconut growing Provinces in the country. Research have shown that most of the Coconut Palms in the country are old and senile. The Project has been continuously receiving support from the National Government of Papua New Guinea .

The Coconut replanting project is an initiative of the Kokonas Indastri Koporesen (KIK) and funded by the National Government through its yearly budget allocations. This project begun first in 2016 in Gulf and Central Provinces with the initial Government Funding. It has now slowly been implemented in the other two (2) coconut growing regions of Papua New Guinea – New Guinea Island (NGI) and Momase regions respectively.

The objective of the Coconut replanting project is to enable our Coconut growers to access quality coconut seedlings for;

• Replacing senile coconut stand in most abandoned Coconut plantations
• Intercropping coconut with other alternative cash crops
• Coconut planting to combat Climate change impacting on landscape of all coastline
• Planting Coconuts in newer areas for Food Security
• Subsidize Coconut farmers with free coconut seedlings to increase volume for Coconut production
• Land mobilization and rehabilitation of Coconut plantation
• New technology in coconut farming systems and crop diversification.

Under the Coconut Replanting Project, KIK has established Coconut Nurseries in most locations of the Coconut growing regions. These Coconut nurseries are established for the coconut farmers with an understanding that all sprouted quality seedlings raised from these coconut nurseries are freely supplied to all coconut farmers. The coconut nurseries are fully managed by the communities at designated locations and hence the technical advice and skills disseminated by Kokonas Indastri Koporesen Coconut Development Officers.

Amongst this coconut replanting program KIK has designed Coconut Down Stream Processing to enhance production of High Valued Coconut products (HVCP) such as Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), Soap making, therapeutic and cosmetic products, charcoals and desiccated coconut etc. It is merely intended to compliment the Coconut Replanting project and for the Coconut Growers to comprehend the vast potential hidden in the tree of Life “Coconuts” for better health and sustainable income. It is anticipated that the Coconut Growers would tap into High Value Coconut Products once the newly planted coconut seedlings reach productive stage after 4 to 5 years of planting.

Private Public Partnership

KIK envisioned that working with Private Public Partnership and other associated stakeholders, we would deliver this service to the general Coconut growers. We are now working with neutral groups such Church Groups, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions, Youths and Women in Agricultural & Business Groups, Co-operative Societies, and selective Community leaders. These stakeholders play significant role in the maintaining delivery of essential fundamental services to communities and the rural population which depend on family networking.

Challenges and way forward

1. Mother Palm and Palm PLUS Selection (Local Tall variety) for Coconut seed nut collection for
future Coconut Nursery Establishment
2. Management of Coconut Nurseries by the community Groups
3. Land issues resolved by concerned individuals and communities.
4. Labour issues pertaining Coconut Nursery Management
5. Logistic problems to accessing coconut seed nuts and transporting seedlings to farms and plantations.
6. Coconut Seed nut distribution to Coconut farmers
7. Awareness on FIRE Hazards Coconut farming areas
8. Awareness on Coconut husbandry
9. Coconut Nursery Establishment

The Coconut Nurseries are established throughout most Coconut growing regions of PNG and we encourage Coconut growers have access to good quality coconut seedlings. For Coconut Nursery establishment and seedling distribution or assistance in Mother Palm and Palm Plus Selection for Coconut seed nuts contact our Coconut Development Officers on designated locations.