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Who We Are

We are Kokonas Indastri Koporesen the Statutory, Regulatory Institution for the Coconut Industry in Papua New. We conduct Research and  rollout programs to equip farmers with skills starting from planting a coconut, protecting the coconut from pests and diseases, and quality processing skills to manufacture diverse high value coconut products and promote Agri business development and marketing of Coconut Business.

Strategic Plan 2016 – 2025



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Industry Services Division

Performs the core function of KIK. It specifically provides the technical services in the areas of Export Inspections, License inspections, Economics and Market analysis, Statistical Compilation and Dissemination, Copra Quality Training and Project Development.  

Inspection & Licensing

KIK conducts inspection, certify Coconut Processing facilties and collect levies from Buyers, Processors & Exporters. 

Market Report

Economic research and compilation of reports for Coconut Products.

Statistical Analysis

Compilation of data stats and disseminate reports of the Industry.

Papua New Guinea High valued Coconut products

Agribusiness & Marketing

 There are currently 16 Papua New Guinean Micro Small to Medium Enterprises actively manufacturing and selling diverse high valued coconut products locally and offshore. KIK since 2014 had been supporting the MSMEs through funding under the Public Investment Program (PIP) Budget. Since then we have seen an increase in MSMEs, increased product varieties and improved marketing and product labelling of High Valued Coconut Products.

Coconut Industry Replanting Program Papua New Guinea


Studies have shown that a majority of coconut palms in PNG are senile, KIK had been implementing coconut replanting programs and coconut plantation rehabilitation around the coconut growing regions in the country. Since more coconut product varieties are emerging KIK is focused to plant more palms for more output in production volume.

Research &  Development

 The R& D division is responsible for breeding (including maintenance of coconut seed gardens & the South Pacific Coconut Gene-bank); agronomy & farming systems; plant protection (pest and diseases) and post-harvest (processing & quality assurance & marketing systems.

Farming System - Coconut & Rice

Agronomy & Farming Systems

KIK encourages and help coconut farmers utilize land and intensify profits through Intercropping. Managing and Integrating Coconut with other crops/cash crops in certain soil conditions and climate to maximise crop harvesting.

Product Diversification Officer - Coconut KIK

Quality Assurance & Processing

One of KIKs function is to continue its progress to diversify Coconut products at the same time assuring quality control standards in processing plants through to manufacturing the final product. KIK partners with other industry partners to test coconut products from MSME’s before selling the Coconut products to customers.