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The Statutory, Regulatory Institution for the Coconut Industry in Papua New Guinea.

National Coconut Festival 2019

International Exhibitor explains his services to the general public

Micro Small to Medium Enterprises

Actively Producing High Value Coconut Products in Papua New Guinea with support from Kokonas Indastri Koporesen. Check out their Products & Profiles.

Research & Development

Most of the Coconut Research work is based at the Stewart Research Station (SRS) at Murnas in Madang Province.

Inspection & Licensing

Export inspections, License inspections or Interested in becoming a Buyer, Processor and Exporter of Copra.

Who We Are

The Kokonas Indastri Koporesen (KIK) is the statutory regulatory institution for the coconut industry in Papua New Guinea.


We focus on the Development of Industry MSME’s for High Value Coconut products and market access,

Bio-security measures against pest and diseases and the coconut replanting program in the different
districts of Papua New Guinea.

Expanding our traditional copra focus to a broader high value coconut downstream focusing emphasis, we
regulate the coconut industry here in the country.


Highlights of the Inaugural National Coconut Festival, 2019

Day 3

Highlights of the Inaugural National Coconut Festival, 2019

Day 2

Day 1 

Highlights of the Inaugural National Coconut Festival, 2019


Visit the KIK Video Gallery for more videos of the Coconut Industry in Papua New Guinea.

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Aromantic HACCP Certification

Aroma Coconut Products Ltd received its Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points certification (HACCP) on the 27th of November . They are the fourth coconut Micro Small to Medium Enterprise (MSME)..

Coconut Festival 2019

An attendee of the Innaugural National Coconut Festival 2019, from the 26th, 27th to 28th of September, 2019. Visit KIK’s official facebook page to see more actions activities…..

Farmer Training & Awareness N.I.P

Senior Coconut Development Officer conducts training in New Ireland Province. After the training a Coconut Roadshow on route via the Blueminsky highway of New Ireland Province..

Coconut for Life & Wealth Creation

According to the most recent national census figures, a total of 464,328 households (35% of the total households in PNG or an estimated 2.6 million people) are engaged in coconut activities in PNG to either generate income and/or as food to supplement their livelihoods.Coconut is the fourth most significant agriculture cash crop in terms of its economic importance to Papua New Guinea.

Research & Development

Agronomy Farming Systems

Research & Development officers continue to come up with ways to utilize land to increase profits of farmers. Intensification of crops growth which will benefit farmers to generate income.

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BCS in Papua New Guinea

The Status of the Bogia Coconut Syndrome in Papua New Guinea and the measures R&D is taking to combat BCS in affected provinces in the country. Bio Security plans for the Coconut Industry in P.N.G

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Industry Services Division

Market Reports

Information and development on the coconut industry in Papua New Guinea, products, customers and market factors can be found in the Market Report link.

Pests & Diseases in P.N.G

Visit Papua New Guineas Coconut Pest & Disease Database. There are currently 124 recorded Pest and Disease affecting Coconut Palms in the country.

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Coconut Breeding

Preserving coconut ascensions in P.N.G and the world, by collecting coconut ascensions and preserving it in the International coconut Genebank, Alotau.

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Inspection & Licensing

Read this section for more information on the technical services in the areas of Export Inspections, License inspections. If interested in becoming a Buyer, Processor and Exporter of Copra, kindly visit the link below.

Coconut Replanting Program


KIK over the years have been rolling out Coconut Replanting Programs in Coconut growing Provinces in the country. Research have shown that most of the Coconut Palms in the country are old and senile. The Project has been continuously receiving support from the National Government of Papua New Guinea .

Micro Small to Medium Enterprises


There are currently 16 active MSME’s producing High Valued Coconut Products in Papua New Guinea. They are located in 9 provinces in the country. Visit MSME link to view their respective business profiles. KIK with support from the the Government of PNG under the Public Investment Program (PIP) has been assisting the MSME’s since 2014.

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