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Pest & Diseases in Papua New Guinea

Below is Papua New Guineas Coconut Pest and Disease database. You can look up information on pest and diseases, more information will be added soon.
For more information contact KIK Research Officer – Entomology Ms Sharon Woruba

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Other Sources

Finding Information on Pest and Diseases

Currently there are pest and diseases databases where information on coconut pests and diseases can be found;

Coconut Pest & Disease Toolkit:

The CPDT has six main sections:

Coconut pests & diseases:
Diversity & resilience
Learning & teaching
Getting help

SPC Pacific Islands Pest List Database

PLD has five (6) main sections under reports (database);

Reports for Selected Hosts
Reports for selected Pests
Comparative pest reports especially for pre-entry quarantine preparedness.
Regional Pest distribution reports
Country distribution reports
Specific species search
Pest Net: www.pestnet.org

An email network of professionals that helps people worldwide obtain advice and information including the identification and management of plant pests.

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