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Pest & Diseases

Finding Information on Pest and Diseases

Currently there are pest and diseases databases where information on coconut pests and diseases can be found;

Coconut Pest and Disease Toolkit: http://coconutpests.org//pests-and-diseases-of-coconut

The CPDT has six main sections:

  • Coconut pests & diseases:
  • Identification
  • Prevention
  • Diversity & resilience
  • Learning & teaching
  • Getting help


SPC Pacific Islands  Pest List Database : Visit Site

PLD has five (6) main sections under reports (database);

  • Reports for Selected Hosts
  • Reports for selected  Pests
  • Comparative pest reports especially for pre-entry quarantine preparedness.
  • Regional Pest distribution reports
  • Country distribution reports
  • Specific species search

Pest Net: www.pestnet.org

An email network of professionals that helps people worldwide obtain advice and information including the identification and management of plant pests.

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