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One of Papua New Guineas leading micro small to medium enterprise in the coconut business has recently launched its e-commerce website (http://www.oshinorganics.com). Oshin Organics formerly known as ‘Maxtone Haus’ since its initial beginnings in 2015 had improved a lot in their product branding and marketing.

The launching of their e-commerce website is one evident of their sheer determination in elevating coconut businesses in PNG to international standards. Customers can now view and purchase Oshin organics products online either on Visa card, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal. Their coconut products available online ranges from Health and Beauty to pet soaps.

Oshin Organics supports mainly local farmers by buying pure organic raw coconuts from farmers along the pristine islands of Papua New Guinea. The coconut products are hand crafted with care and distributed to their valued customers locally as well as globally.

Ernestine Kong the owner of Oshin Organics said,” some of the factors that influenced the business to venture into the platform was to promote brand awareness, showcase and educate Papua New Guineans to use coconuts as a health and beauty product”. With this e-commerce website her customers around the globe are now previewing products using the online catalog and purchasing the products with ease. Oshin Organics currently supplies to customers from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Philippine’s, South America, and Dublin.

Ernestine said the website had made communication easier with her customers, for instance the live reviews section where customers can express their feedbacks after using the coconut products. The relationship between customers and the business had improved significantly despite being geographically scattered around the globe. Some of the customer reviews were, “Lavender Oil moisturizer is best for massage, it can calm and moisturize my skin for a whole day. “Insect repellent and Lemongrass Oil moisturizer has helped me to heal my rashes and scratches from bed bugs, I tried ointment from the pharmacy and it didn’t work”. “Hair Tonic helps me with my dry and itchy scalp my scalp is getting healthier now.

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So far, I’m very thankful for the PNG government and KIK and other stakeholders for their ongoing support to the local MSME sector, said Ernestine. Few points which Ernestine elaborated on is for the PNG Government, responsible departments and stakeholders to assist and help reduce cost associated when exporting overseas. She said, “I have a reliable supply chain, but the challenge is with poor infrastructure and rising freight costs. She said, “Therefore, I would be grateful if the PNG government can select PNG companies that will deliver for PNG, in terms of improving roads, wharves, electricity and subsidize freight costs.

Based on her business experience Ernestine stated three important areas for consideration, Firstly, is to reduce costs associated when exporting. Secondly, the availability of supply stock manufactured by local MSME, Local MSME must produce and supply products to meet the demand overseas. Finally, Organic certification of coconut products to world class standards. Ernestine believes MSME in PNG will generate more foreign revenue if Government and responsible agencies improve and provide conducive business environment for MSME.

Ernestine Kong said, I would like to encourage PNG MSME to sell their products online because we are living in the digital era where more and more people are connected to the internet using mobile phones and computers. Attend free courses, seminars, workshops facilitated by Government agencies, Departments and Trade Missions.

Ernestine further stressed, “For any MSME to go into online marketing there are certain things any enterprise should consider, “Find out if your website goes internationally or just locally? Is your logistic cost on volume or weight? If your business is engaging with a third party, is it free or do they want charge for their services?

The Government through the Kokonas Indastri Koporesen (KIK) has been supporting coconut MSME since 2014. From an initial 4 MSME to the current 18 Coconut MSME who are owned and operated by Cooperative, families or individuals in which 80% are managed by women. Oshin Organics is one of the 18 MSME who has taken one more step in product promotion and market access through by developing its ecommerce platform. KIK continues to support MSME in improving product quality and accreditation, labelling and packaging, marketing access and entrepreneurial skills, purposely for local coconut products to meet international market requirements.

Visit Oshin Organics website and purchase High Valued Coconut Products for health and beauty and for the wellbeing of your pets. Support our local MSME and support PNG made coconut products.

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