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Managing Director’s Speech

Dr James Vele Kaiulo

Kokonas Indastri Koporesen (KIK) has adopted the AR4D approach to scope this Coconut-ISP 2016 – 2025 as a way forward for addressing the important industry challenges from an innovative perspective over the next ten years. The unique aspect of AR4D approach is that it demands a collective focus on key priorities, as determined and shaped by the application of science principles in addressing the needs of the wider society. There are two important advantages for the coconut industry in adopting the AR4D approach, which are highlighted below.

Firstly, the adoption of the AR4D approach makes it imperative that the transfer of coconut R&D functions and their programs from the Cocoa Coconut Institute Limited to KIK is a must under the FER initiated agriculture reforms. Thus, KIK will position itself not only as a niche regulatory agency but also focus on its core coconut Research and Development (R&D) functions to provide solutions for growing the coconut based enterprises and thereby ensuring the viability of the industry in the long term.

Secondly, this approach shall ensure that the industry focus on coconut innovations is not diminished and there is true and effective partnership between coconut research and those it serves. This is critical for the coconut industry today, as KIK strives to access new knowledge and technologies on coconut production and processing, marketing and addressing the emerging biosecurity threats to the industry such as from Bogia Coconut Syndrome.

The five (5) thematic program areas identified in the Coconut-ISP have been scoped with the conviction that they will contribute towards addressing the current coconut industry challenges that have been affecting the performance of the industry in the last four decades since independence.

The effective implementation and management of the Coconut-ISP should result in the thematic program areas impacting positively on the livelihoods of stockholders and other partners along the coconut industry value chain. KIK as the custodian of the industry will ensure that an enabling environment and policy change through advocacy is maintained.

KIK needs to be adequately resourced in order to successfully implement the Coconut-ISP and for it to have a positive impact on the appropriate segments of the coconut industry in the next decade. The funding support from National Government, Provincial Governments, District Development Authorities and Donors will be required to successfully develop the industry in the provinces and districts.

The Coconut-ISP lays the foundation for ensuring that KIK and its stakeholders will be focused and result oriented in creating a better and a prosperous future for the coconut industry for the benefit of everyone along the industry value chain.

Dr James V Kaiulo (PhD)

Managing Director

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